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Island of the Misfit Toys Art Gallery

Our visual arts students created acrylic paintings inspired by the theme "Island of the Misfit Toys" in the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, about a place where toys live who do not fit in with their peers because of a design flaw.

Each student started with an everyday object, studying it realistically through a series of perceptive drawing drills. Next we put our objects through a gauntlet of visual art exercises called Synectics, drawing the object from memory and changing segments of it one at a time in imaginative ways.

A narrative was then created and applied in redesigning the object focusing on both a decrease and increase in functionality; while making each object different from it's peers, also enhancing uniqueness and expressing hidden talents.

Drawing the narrative includes identifying elements of the story and converting them into visual symbols. The illustrative process involves painting both from life and from our minds, placing real objects into imaginative situations. Paintings were completed using a primary palette and replacing black with dark browns and violets that had to be mixed in order to create visual unity through colors. We focused on layering using color separation and overlapping color washes, as well as mixing and application of complex colors, moving from large brushes and broad strokes to small brushes and detailed strokes as a method of refinement.

The result is a colorful expression of individuality and imagination through the use of narrative art, colors, symbols, patterns and combining life drawing with imaginative storytelling.

Vanessa Devaki Andrew has taught many different Visual Art classes at WCAP, including this class. She also owns and operates Madam Chino, a clothing company she started in 2003 where she creates fashionable sustainable clothing out of t-shirts. She was recently featured in the October 2015 issue of Milwaukee Magazine's 50 Reasons to Love Milwaukee!

Our gallery will be up at the Waukesha Civic Theatre's Waukesha State Bank Art Gallery until January 3rd. The Waukesha Civic Theatre is located in Downtown Waukesha at 264 W. Main Street. Congratulations to our Visual Art students and the hard work they put into their paintings!